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Worried about computer repairs and service?
Trust Telcom North to set things right.

I believe we can all agree that there is nothing more frustrating than a computer that simply is not up to par, whether it's a personal computer at home or a business computer at the office. The culprit could be a virus, a failed component or loose connection. Or perhaps you've outgrown your current computer, it's a little "longer in the tooth" than you'd like. There could be many reasons why you need your computer serviced, repaired, or replaced, that's where Telcom North comes into play.

Telcom North provides reliable professional computer support to Windows-based platforms in Muskoka. No operating system is fail proof, its not uncommon for an OS to require a clean reinstall after years of use. Installed software sees frequent updating via the internet which can cause corruption to important system files and to the program itself over time. Viruses and malware can be hidden in photos, videos and e-mail, not to mention many common programs available on the internet employ certain behaviors that will slow you down, possibly to a complete halt if not maintained properly.

Telcom North has access to many sources for new peripherals including printers, sound systems and mice/keyboard combinations, etc. not to mention new hardware such as monitors, graphics cards, motherboards, ram and hard-drives. Should you find yourself, or your office, in the market for new hardware it may just benefit you to give us a call before your next purchase - we can frequently find a better deal for you than what you can purchase at a retail store. It has never been more important to keep price points in mind.

It bears mentioning that we built custom home and enterprise computers as well. High performance is often required for gaming and many design applications to run smoothly without taxing your existing resources. That is where CPU cycles, GPU support and abundant RAM is required for optimal operation. If you prefer a 64-bit rather than a 32-bit operating system, that's not a problem. Again, Telcom North aligns with hardware outsourcers in order to provide value added custom builds to your specifications. Never buy retail without allowing us the opportunity to quote you a better deal.

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