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Telcom North is your source for sales, support, repair, and service to your satellite-based entertainment system regardless of service provider. As an authorized BellTV retailer we provide all the necessary support for BellTV satellite systems for businesses and residential subscribers. For new subscribers, all it takes is one call to Telcom North and we'll take care of the rest for you. Now, that's service. Troubleshooting satellite issues can lead to malfunctioning hardware, faulty wiring, or possibly re-alignment of your receiver dish. We can take care of those issues as well.

For those enterprises that incorporate a multi-user environment Telcom North is capable of servicing MATV-based configurations. It’s the means by which apartment complexes, hotels, schools and other multi-user facilities distribute signal to more than one receiver. In order to accomplish this configuration without signal degradation or signal loss these systems must be carefully implemented. This type of structured cabling system allows for an array of different programming options and information services to be provided easily to the end-user.

Regardless of whether your set-up is residential or business oriented, Telcom North has nearly 25 years experience in the installation, service and repair of satellite based systems technology. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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