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Telcom North saves you money on residential
and commercial
telephone service. Period

We understand that choices in telephone service is limited in Muskoka. It’s provided by either Bell Canada or an independent telephone service provider. Through Telcom North we can offer more competitive pricing for residential and business local and long distance rates. With the added value and flexibility of bundling your service, you can design a custom plan that reflects how you use your telephone at home or for your business. We've nothing to hide, you can access our terms and conditions, as well as our fair use and privacy policy here. You may already have aligned with an internet-based telephone service, or what’s commonly referred to as VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) if that's the case, you could save even more. There would be no change to your existing home or business telephone number. It’s an alternative that will have a direct impact on what you're accustommed to paying for service. It bears mentioning, local customer service means piece of mind going forward.

If you're a business and feel that you’ve outgrown your current call system or frustrated paying inflated rates and are considering an expansion, conversion, or replacement of your current configuration, Telcom North has your solution.

Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) are robust and highly configurable telephony solutions to meet any organization’s requirement for a more formal telephone management system. PBX systems can also support internet-based connectivity and are referred to as an IP-PBX solution. PBX and IP-PBX offer unique feature sets with programming options which include (but not limited to):

Telcom North facilitates the installation, repair and service of many existing enterprise telephone systems. We can accomplish the necessary programming changes, additions and customizations remotely in modern PBX and IP-PBX systems while leaving you to carry on with doing what you do best. Enterprise communication systems should simply work, Telcom North keeps you connected with clients, suppliers, and the bottom line.

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