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Professional networking has outgrown the image of being solely for a business environment. With the number of devices we use on a daily basis networking fits the home environment as well. Allowing us freedom in our leisure activities and our professional activities is a good working definition for what networking is all about. Internet provision, on the other hand, is a seperate issue from networking on the whole. We ask that you visit our subsidiary: MuskokaNet if you wish to obtain new internet service or simply to compare rates and services with your current provider. As is often the case, you will like what we have to offer through MuskokaNet.

You may not think of home networking until you start thinking about how you connect and use the internet and with what devices you're accustomed to using. Tablets, personal computers, laptops, media players, printers, home theatres, gaming consoles, ebook readers, etc. Lets not forget your satellite or cable television connection. It causes you to think about what you share; communications, music, movies, video and photographs. Don't be misled in thinking a wireless modem is all you really need to stay connected, it's about managing your devices, the priority you place on the services they provide. We all want to avoid the "show-stopper." Telcom North provides professional network design and implementation for the home while managing networks and their services ensuring all your devices "behave" as you've come to expect them to.

We come to think of networking as a necessity in our business through the use of personal computers, laptops, printers, fax machines, scanners and mobile computing devices like mobile phones and PDAs. Networking is essential if your business is located over several sites and you find that you are sharing files, spreadsheets, data, or computing resources down the hall, across the street or to a branch office in the next town. Professional networking allows for multiple offices to use shared applications like QuickBooks or other collaborative software or on-line document managers. Businesses owning or contemplating procuring a PBX or IVR telephone system are aware of the benefits of networking and the seamless presence it provides to their customer base. Networking your business functions is simply a smart means of conducting business. Let Telcom North help your business realize its true potential while offering options to increase your efficiency.

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